Red Wine Selections

Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon

L de Lyeth, California                                            $18.00/bottle
Smooth, lush, classic cab with flavors of berry and spice

Grayson, California                         $6.50/glass   $24.00/bottle
​Blackberries, raspberries and hints of black pepper

Liberty School, Paso Robles                                 $25.00/bottle

Stickybeak, Napa                              $7.95/glass   $30.00/bottle
Blackberry, cardamom and black pepper, with layers of mocha oak

90 points Tanzer

Nadia, Santa Barbara                        $8.50/glass   $32.00/bottle
A mouthful of black currant with a velvet finish  90 points Parker

Franciscan, Napa                                                      $36.00/bottle
Rich, round and full-bodied

Pinot Noir

Rockbrook, California                        $4.95/glass    $16.00/bottle
Cherry with notes of spice, vanilla and toasty oak

Banshee, California                                                    $30.00/bottle
Bigger style Pinot, elegant with a clean finish

Rickshaw, California                            $7.50/glass   $28.00/bottle
Extremely well balanced and soft, aromas of black cherries and violets


L de Lyeth, California                           $5.25/glass   $17.00/bottle
Aromas of dried fruits, herbs and sweet strawberries

Les Jamelles, France                                                  $20/bottle
pasta, pasta, pasta!...with a velvet finish

Grayson, California                                $6.50/glass   $24.00/bottle
Black cherry preserves, currant and white chocolate

Other Noteworthy Red Wines

Monte Maria Chianti, Italy                      $5.50/glass   $18.00/bottle
Tuscan classic, fine grapes and a delicious finish.  This is our lasagna wine!

Gun Dog Malbec, Argentina                   $5.95/glass   $21.00/bottle
Bold and rich, perfect for meaty dishes

LangeTwins Zinfandel, Lodi                                            $20.00/bottle
Fresh blackberries and notes of spice with a touch of vanilla oak. A luscious wine!

Herencia Altes Garnaxa, Spain               $6.00/glass   $22.00/bottle
Smooth yet spicy with sweet fruit     91 Points Robert Parker

Ruffino Aziano Chianti, Italy                                            $24.00/bottle
Elegant tannins, velvety finish of herbs and berries

Liberty School Cuvee, Paso Robles         $7.95/glass   $30.00/bottle

Scarpetta Barbera Del Monferrato, Italy  $8.50/glass   $33.00/bottle
Crushed berries and plums.  Hint of earth and porcini mushrooms. 

White Wines


Domaine Laurier Brut, California                $6.50/ one-quarter bottle

Charles de Fere, Blanc de Blanc, France                        $19.00/bottle

Moet & Chandon White Star, France                                $49.00/bottle


Rockbrook, California                                   $4.95/glass   $16.00/bottle
Dry and crisp with a smooth finish

Grayson, California                                         $5.95/glass    $21.00/bottle
Soft, with a clean finish "Best Buy" Parker 5 years in a row

Kendall-Jackson, Vintner's Reserve, California                 $22.00/bottle

Clos du Bois, Sonoma                                                             $24.00/bottle    

Shooting Star, California                                 $7.00/glass   $26.00/bottle

Stickybeak, Russian River, California           $7.50/glass   $28.00/bottle
Nutty oak with a touch of Russian River butter

Sauvignon Blanc

Les Jamelles, France                                                               $17.00/bottle

Ernst & Co., South Africa                                  $5.95/glass   $21.00/bottle
Fresh and juicy, with an array of summer fruits   90 Points Parker

Pikorua, New Zealand                                       $6.50/glass   $24.00 bottle
Bright topical fruits and pleasing acidity, perfect with seafood and pasta

Pinot Grigio

Rockbrook, California                                       $4.95/glass   $16.00/bottle
Citrus and floral notes with peaches and nectarines

Monte Maria, Italy                                                                     $18.00/bottle
Crisp and clean, notes of exotic fruit and citrus melons

Salatin Friuli Grave, Italy                                   $7.00/glass   $26.00/bottle
Great fruit aroma that begs for another sip

Other Noteworthy White Wines

Beringer White Zinfandel, California               $4.95/glass   $16.00/bottle

Frisk Riesling, Australia                                     $5.50/glass   $18.00/bottle
Floral with notes of lime sorbet and rose petals

Steeple Jack Moscato, Australia                      $5.95/glass   $21.00/bottle
Sweet and petite with a rush of fizz that ensures a refreshing, clean finish

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